Tied with his ass up


Meanwhile, at BreederFuckers, Shamus hasn’t yet learned how to respect his new owner. He’s tied with his ass up and subjected to breath control. His already sore arse is given vicious smacks from his new master’s bare hand. His dick and nuts are tied to a heavy weight and his long silky foreskin is clamped open.


With his movement so restricted, Dave sees the perfect opportunity to plunge into his sore hairy ass, which he wets with spit. In this humble position, Shamus has no choice but to obediently beg to suck cock or receive further punishment.


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Bound And Gagged magazine

These images are from the vast library of material available from Bob Wingate, editor and publisher of the great Bound And Gagged magazine:

gay bondage b c d


I remember when I first started getting Bound and Gagged magazine in the mail. It was digest-sized and arrived every other month in a plain brown envelope. Getting a new issue was an EVENT for me. This was before the Internet. I was living in Texas at the time, and I would read each issue, cover to cover, including all the personal ads. It was very exciting.

gay bondage 02 2a


Eventually the magazine got full sized, and then they later added color pictures.

gay bondage 04 5


One of the many things I remember reading about on the pages of Bound And Gagged magazine was that there was a CLUB in New York City where you could go and get tied up! Fucking hot! So, when I moved to New York in 1992, I went to the New York Bondage Club as soon as I could, and guess who I met there? Bound And Gagged photographer James Bond, accompanied by Bound And Gagged editor Bob Wingate!!!

The two of them stripped me naked, blindfolded me and tied me down to a floating bondage table, where I was jerked off for the next three hours by lots of different, anonymous men! What an initiation.

I had lunch last week with Bob, and I told him this story. He of course does not remember this meeting, but for me it was a huge event at the time.

Through the Bound And Gagged personal ads I later met Alan, and we hit it off famously and remain friends to this day.

Thank heavens for Bound And Gagged!

Bob tells me that the Bound And Gagged crew will be taking a booth at this year’s IML event in Chicago, so watch for him there. You can also see more of the Bound And Gagged archives, including stories and tons and tons of pictures, at Bob Wingate’s Blog. You can also purchase back issues (hard copies) of the magazine by clicking here. Get them while they still last, as these back issues are quickly becoming rare collectors items.


Nasty Bartender Takedown with Will Parks and Rob Yaeger

Cock-blocking  Will Parks is taken down by a group of pissed off gay bar patrons

gay bondage

There’s a new straight, but intolerant bartender at the gay bar named Will Parks. After yelling at a couple kissing at the bar, and breaking up the bathroom cruising spot, the crowd is completely fed up. Before Will knows it, the angry homophobe is taken down and his clothes ripped off in front of a crowd.

gay bondage

The guys tie him up and take him around the bar for everyone to grope before holding him down and zapping his balls with the electric zapper. Will is made to service the entire crowd before he’s passed around like a little fuck doll for everyone to use and abuse. After a fresh zipper, the horny patrons take turns dropping their loads on the bartender’s face before dragging him upstairs, where the punishment has only begun.

gay bondage

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