Toilet humiliation

gay bondage

At BrutalTops, Master Shamus puts the sub’s mouth to good use in the bathroom, giving it a good dose of humiliation plus a lesson in oral servitude. Ben gulps down as much Master’s piss as he can and then has a filthy hole in need of an eager sub’s to clean. Shamus lends Ben some extra encouragement to get him started on his dirty task, ramming his face deep between his exposed buttocks, Ben’s tongue has no where else to go but up the Top’s hole.

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What Do You Do When You Know You’re Being Mind-fucked?

By unknown

What do you do when you know you’re being mind-fucked?

That you’re having behavior modifications installed into you? Do you think that just because you know it is happening you can stop it? Short answer is no. This actually happened to me, I know you may find it hard to believe this, but it’s all real.

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Gay male bondage stories to beat off to

Hey strokers,

Here are some new links to stories that I added this week to the Metalbond Prison Library:

Wearing the Punisher Cock Cage for the First Time

Bet You Can’t!

The Bear Encounter: A story inspired by The Bear Trap

Tim the Bondage Slave – Part 3



Another new one is coming tomorrow night …. and keep coming back, because very soon, there will be new additions from Atlanta Stud and Chained Muscle … so be sure to check back often.

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Wearing the Punisher Cock Cage for the First Time

By Pisslurper

I put on the Punisher cock cage in Metalbond’s apartment.  Putting it on took a little work to coax my balls though the ring and get everything squared away in there.  I could feel the soft spikes immediately on the head of my cock.  The feeling is … well, a little hard to describe.  Not quite sharp, a little painful, but pleasurable at the same time.

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Tim the Bondage Slave – Part 3

By Mister-X / Spartan

The boy who had answered the door, who was dressed in rubber, started bringing out the food.  He was the one who had strapped them all to their chairs.  Tim figured he was Mr. Johnson’s trusted assistant.  The rubber guy set the bottle of Tim’s piss in front of Tim as his drink.  The other six also had similar bottles set in front of them.

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Guy takes a really hard and brutal beating

gay bondage

Hairy stud Guy is a very tempting sight cuffed and tied to a spanking bench wearing only his jock strap and his tight asshole on show at BreederFuckers. His ass is given a good hard caning and his jock strap is cut off from him.

gay bondage

Dave delivers several sharp punches to Guy’s gut. His ass is lashed and his dick is teased until he’s very erect and can’t stop himself from ejaculating.


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gay male bondage