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A Day at the Renaissance Faire

By Rubrpig

Josh and his buddy Marc were not your typical gamers. Both men were tall, athletic and stars on their local semi-pro hockey team. Josh was the starting goalie and Marc was the star defenseman on the team. The team had taken their league championship several weeks prior and the two men were enjoying some well-deserved time off. Both men were huge fans of World of Warcraft, and both had worked through the game and now were highly ranked warriors.

Both men signed out of the game and remained online chatting about what to do over the weekend. Josh mentioned that he had seen an ad for a renaissance faire that was opening on the Friday and it had potential, as there was also an event listing that showed that there was going to be a jousting tournament as a part of the faire. Both men decided it was worth checking out and made plans to hook up the next morning, which was the opening day and head out and check it out.

The next morning, the two buddies hooked up and headed out of town to the site where the Faire had been setup. It was a beautiful warm day and the 90-minute drive went quickly. After arriving, parking and paying for their tickets, the two buddies dressed in tank tops, board shorts and flip flops and their team ball caps on backwards looking like typical jocks wandered through the faire.

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By Rubrpig

Sean sighed in relief as it was finally the end of the day after a very trying day at work. Since it was Friday he would have a couple of days to relax, have some fun at the Eagle and enjoy himself. Things were getting tense at work with the rumours of an impending take-over and the resulting downsizing that always occurred when companies merged.

After getting his Dainese jacket from the lockers provided by the company along with his boots, helmet and gloves he walked out to the parking lot and got on his BMW 1200. Looking forward to the evening at the Eagle he headed home to his condo.

After having dinner, showering and deciding since it was Gear Night at the Eagle he would wear his racing leathers and boots. Taking his black, blue, and white Alpinestar Race Replica suit from the closet he climbed into it after putting on his compression gear. He would not wear the chest and back protectors as they might interfere with the fun he hoped he would have at the club. After putting on his Sidi Race boots he picked up his helmet and gloves, he tucked his ID, drivers licence, some cash and a credit card into wrist wallet and put that on. Heading down to the garage, he got on his bike, fired the engine and headed to the club.

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Display Models – Part 02

By Rubrpig

Both men were stunned by the offer to become geared-up slaves, but they begged Sean to release them from the armour. Sean smiled and agreed. Quietly and quickly, he removed Robert from the heavy Halo Armour and then he removed Chas from the Iron Man armour. The men stripped off the heavy under suits and asked if they could shower and would Sean removed the tubes from their bodies. Soon both men had the tubes removed from their noses and the caths removed from their cocks. Robert then slowly pulled out his butt plug and then removed all the e-stim patches and cock ring. After showering, he walked back into Sean’s office while Chas was showering.

Sean smiled as his cousin entered. Well, did you get enough bondage time in the armour? Robert smiled and nodded. Robert then asked his cousin if he enjoyed fucking him. Sean smiled and laughed. Yeah, that was the best part. Knowing I had my cousin the big bad top as my fuck toy.

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Display Models – Part 01

By Rubrpig

Robert signed off of Skype after the chat with his gear buddy Chas in Sweden. They had been chatting for several years since they connected on the old Gearfetish site. After the site suddenly closed, they had switched to Skype and they continued to enjoy chatting while in full gear. They shared mutual interests in armour, racing leathers, commercial dive gear, and space suits. Usually they were in their racing leathers, boots, gloves and helmets while video chatting.

Tonight they had talked about an opportunity to meet and explore some gear which had just come up. Robert had been texting with his cousin Sean who owned a special effects studio in Los Angeles. Robert’s studio had created the on-screen Iron Man armour suits and had just completed the screen version of the Halo 5 Master Chief armour. Robert had mentioned these suits and Sean said the suits were still in the studio, then asked why the interest in them. Robert, who knew that his cousin was also gay, would understand how strong of images these suits had in the fetish world.

Then, surprisingly several weeks after that text conversation, Sean called Robert via Skype and made Robert an offer. Would he like to wear one of the suits? Robert agreed immediately, and then Sean told him that if he could find a buddy who would be interested as well. Puzzled, he agreed. Sean then told him he would need to complete the measurement forms which he would find in his email. This was needed to make sure that the armours could be adjusted to properly fit. Both Robert and his friend would need to complete them.

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Changes …

By Rubrpig

Alan slowly woke up and stretched. Looking over at the sleeping form of his partner Robert he smiled and stretched again. Standing up he scratched his furry chest as he walked to the bathroom. Standing before the toilet, he grabbed his semi hard cock and began to piss. The dark yellow piss stream arced into the bowl. Shaking the drops from the head of his cock and the 2 gauge PA he turned and walked over to the sink and got a glass of water. Looking out the window, he decided that a morning swim in the pool would feel good. Grabbing a dark blue Speedo from the drawer he pulled it over his heavy muscled furry legs and over his butt.

Walking through the bedroom, he headed downstairs and out to the backyard pool. Diving in he spent 20 minutes swimming laps in the pool, and then hoisted himself out and sat on the edge of the pool. Hearing the sliding door open, he turned and smiled as Robert walked over carrying 2 mugs of coffee. Handing one to Alan, Robert pulled over a chair and sat down. Alan smiled at Robert and told him that it had been a great time at the bar last night. Robert agreed and smiled as he said, “those 2 boys were certainly willing and able.” Despite the warnings of their friends that a relationship between 2 confirmed leather tops wouldn’t work but it did. After 4 years together both men were still happy and committed to each other.

Just then the phone rang and Robert got up and walked into the house to answer it. He shortly came back carrying the portable phone and handed it to Alan. Alan looked up and saw that Robert’s face was troubled. Alan took the phone and said Hello and then began to listen to the caller.

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Leather Journey – Part 2

By Rubrpig

Life began to form a pattern based on Connor’s twice a month visits to SIR William to be cleaned and checked. He looked forward to being hooded and restrained as it meant that his cock would be released from the belt, while the belt was cleaned, SIR William would handle his cock and check it for pressure sores, shave the fuzz down again and after everything had dried, put his cock back in the tube and reassemble the belt. However, tonight was different, as SIR William had put him into a heavy padded isolation hood.

Once the hood was in place he breathed through the small grommet over his mouth which the heavy external straps kept closed which made Connor focus on breathing. Once he had been led to the bondage table and he had been strapped down, the belt was completely removed. However, SIR William this time began to slowly stroke his cock which quickly hardened and the sensation and feelings began to overwhelm Connor as it had been 3 months since the belt had been put on him by his SIR. SIR William continued to slowly stroke and Connor got rock hard and could feel the pre-cum oozing from his slit and then suddenly, he shuddered and the orgasm hit hard. His body arched and the load blew from his cock and poured out, the feelings overwhelmed him. He had never cum like this and it was so intense he almost passed out. Finally, calm enough to breath properly he slowly recovered. He felt his body being washed to remove the cum his cock had shot over his crotch and chest.

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Leather Journey – Part 1

By Rubrpig

Connor looked out the window after breakfast and saw it was a beautiful fall day. A perfect day for a ride on the bike. Even though he had a date with Skype tonight to confirm his travel arrangements with his SIR, he could spend the day on the bike enjoying the day.

Heading upstairs, he stripped down and walked into the closet and picked up the compression suit he wore under his leathers, and put it on. After putting on socks he walked over to the rack and picked up his back protector and strapped it on, then walked over to where his riding leathers were hanging to decide which set he would wear. Putting aside the Alpinestar Race Replicas the Dainese Aero Evo and Bora, he picked up his favourite suit. Unzipping the 2 front zips, he took the dark blue and silver Dainese T-Age Titanium from the heavy suit hanger. Sitting down, he worked his legs into the suit and pulled it up over his hips. Squatting down he worked his arms into the sleeves of the suit and slowly pushed them into the sleeves while standing up slowly.

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By Rubrpig

Steven left the bar frustrated by the lack of action. Despite the presence of some very hot men in full leather, they seemed more interested in talking rather than any action. One man had especially caught his eye as he was tall muscular and dressed in full BLUF gear. A heavy langlitz jacket, leather shirt and tie, quilted breeches and wesco boots. Topped with a Muir cap which set off the man’s bearded face and enhanced by the cigar. He had approached and attempted to strike up a conversation but was rebuffed and he gave up thinking that he was just another poser in leather. What he failed to realize in his frustration was that the leather man was very interested in Steven and had been quietly observing him before Steven left the bar obviously frustrated from the look on his face.

The leather man finished his beer and walked out of the bar and look around to see which direction Steven had headed in. Seeing him on the corner he pulled out his cell and placed a call and told the person he called that he was heading in his direction. He hung up and followed Steven, his heavy boots thudding on the pavement as he watched Steven in the distance.

Steven was heading for his car which he had parked several blocks from the bar. His polished combat boots and his chaps creaked as he walked and as always he enjoyed the sound of his tight leathers. His chaps were skin tight over his levis and showed off his ass and crotch. As he passed the mouth of an alleyway he heard a sound which attracted his attention. It sounded like someone was calling for help. Being a police officer he knew he should check it out. He entered the dark alley and called out for whoever was there.   Suddenly, he heard a sound of someone behind him and he was grabbed and a cloth put over his nose and mouth.

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