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Holiday Football

By RbbrStorage

As I swept my tongue across the shiny steel surface and cleaned the last of my breakfast from my bowl, I found myself dreading the day that lay ahead of me.  I really shouldn’t have. After all, it was a holiday and I’d be spending it with my partner, Tom. But it was also one of those holidays when there are never-ending football games on T.V., back to back to back.  Tom was a football fan.  I wasn’t.  It was one of the few things we didn’t have in common.

I should probably mention that sex was the most important thing that we did share in common.  And as I polished my bowl clean with my tongue, I realized that part of the dread I felt was the realization that the sexual scene we had played out since I arrived home from work the night before would certainly end before the first kick-off, since Tom always gave football his complete attention, and I would have to dutifully watch the games at Tom’s side and cheer for his teams.  Thankfully, I was mistaken.

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Glass and a Half

By Catdude

Josh sighed and rolled off me. I swallowed a few times, savouring the flavour of his juice in my mouth, sucking at my cheeks a little to extract the very last bit of his cum. I lay there enjoying the aftertaste of it in my mouth, salty yet tangy, I also grunted and wiggled a little, the tight straightjacket hugged me close and I could feel the pressure building on my forearms the most and a little in my shoulders, I had cum a few minutes before Josh had, he had stroked me to a orgasm even as my mouth had worked him towards him.

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The Corporal Performs – Part 1

By PFC Pflege

After boot camp I was sent to Camp Smith, which sits in the hills overlooking Pearl Harbor. It’s also headquarters for the Fleet Marine Force, and CINCPAC (Commander in Chief Pacific), so it’s a pretty important base. As a result, they spent more money on it than other bases, and the barracks were pretty fancy by Marine Corps standards.

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Stud Poker

By Norm

Hey boys, glad you could make it to our monthly fetish night poker game. We are up to 5, last one in makes stud. Mike, the host for the evening said. The dress code of leather or rubber was strictly enforced, and tonight was no different. A leather cop or two, as well as rubber men gathered in Mike’s garage, turned playroom. Not long after, Kurby, came in, out of breath. Tonight he was in his motorcycle leathers, chaps and a jacket, and what looked like something rubber underneath tightly plastered to his skin.

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Training Center

Author unknown

I rented a car at the Kansas City airport and drove towards Springfield as I had been directed.  I had read about the Training Center in a leather magazine and decided I was ready to try it myself.  I had been working on my physical condition for over a year and was now not in bad shape for a 30 year old.  For reasons I can’t entirely describe, the scene I wanted to act out was that of a sailor sentenced to do hard brig time.  I had read in the article about the psychology of confinement and the various levels and decided I wanted to try a very strict regime.

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The Boxer’s Gloves: Two Points of View

By slavebladeboi

Part 1: The Boxer

It was only as I was passing the table in the hallway on my way down to the dungeon that I glanced down and noticed them. The slave was in the habit of buying me little presents from what remained of his allowance for running the Fireblade at the end of the month and on this occasion it had been a pair of black leather sparring gloves. I picked them up and looked at them. They had arrived in the post the previous morning and I often mused as to whether the postman wondered about the anonymous parcels that we received on a regular basis.

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Never Volunteer

By straitjacketkwf2

I had to continually remind myself that I had volunteered for this adventure.  Whatever doubts I had could not reverse the fact that once the scenario started I would be unable to stop it.

Having worked for the ___ News for only two weeks, I was surprised that the editor wanted to see me for a story assignment.  As a cub reporter, I had expected to be assigned the grunt work in the news office for several months.

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