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Conversion – a story about a locking piss hood

By Aquala Guy

Part One

This work is entirely a piece of fiction, and written from the author’s fantasy.  Names used are strictly an indication of the author’s fantasy men, and are not in any way a reflection or indication of the proclivities of any person besides the author. No inference should be made about anyone, except that the author is waiting for the day when he really does get a piss hood locked on his head.

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Bike Trip – Parts 1 and 2

By Catdude

Part 1

I sat at the airport, nervously playing with my ticket, thinking over the event that had led to me being here, Josh pretty much ran my life now, he had made we quit my job, there had been very little option really, he told me that if I didn’t quit he would just confine me to my house with no food and that after enough days had passed that my job would have fired me he would finally allow me drugged food and I would re-awaken in my cell with the chair waiting to milk me. That had made it very easy for me to make up my mind.

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Twelve Days of Christmas – Part 5 and 6

By boyinacage

Part 5 – Happy Christmas

Have you ever spent a good evening with heavy play, and exhausted fallen into bed with the other guy’s arms wrapped around you? Having done so have you ever not been able to sleep because he turned out to be the snorer from hell? Well in didn’t seem to happen to these two Berlin guys, they both were heavy snorers. Why should I care? Because the ruddy butt plug seemed to be set to noise activation and so, exhausted as I was, I whiled away the night awake with a butt plug vibrating in sympathy to TWO snorers.

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The Hot Box

By PFC Pflege

Part 1

I first experienced the hot box in the old Training Center, then located in Missouri, now called the Academy, located in Georgia. Back then, the Training Center consisted of a single room in which was a barred cell, just like a prison cell, a padded “cooler”, the infamous chair, and all imaginable bondage devices from mediaeval manacles to wooden gloves. I went many times out there, and Chip, who ran the place, pushed my limits very hard. He had several devices he had made just for me, though, of course, he used them on other guys as well.

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Twelve Days of Christmas – Part 2 and 3

By boyinacage

Part 2 – The Decision

Have you ever tried to cut through titanium with bolt cutters? It is near on impossible. Have you ever tried to do the same with Kevlar? Same result. How do I know this? Because when I finally got home I tried to cut the chains that connected my tits to my cock and all I managed to do was damage the bolt cutters. It turned out that the chains were titanium coated in Kevlar – a pretty expensive piece of kit to waste.

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Rural Pursuits – Parts 6 to 10

By Kiggle

Chapter 6

It must have been three or four weeks after the episode in Jim’s playroom that I was on my way to do a bit of shopping in the village shop when I heard Pete calling me from behind. There he stood, stripped to the waist, up on a bit of scaffolding doing some sort of building job. He looked down on me smiling broadly, and said “Jim has some new building equipment he wishes to try out and suggests that you could help, if you liked.” I didn’t understand for a moment, then realised that this was a coded message for another session in Jim’s playroom. After the penny had dropped, I said “Oh. Oh good. What time? When?” Pete’s reply was that this evening was as good as any.

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Twelve Days of Christmas – Part 1

By boyinacage

Part 1 – The Audition

Summer in Sydney is supposed to be hot. Hot weather. Hot beaches. Hot bodies. Hot sex. None of it was looking true though. At the start of December it looked like all my usual tricks were going to be away, the weather forecast was crap, and to top it off I was being forced to take vacation for the three working days between Christmas and New Year – Ten whole days with nothing to do and nobody to play with. I was going to be bored – or even worse have to cruise the bars. Come to that I was already bored. So bored I started just scrolling through the profiles on Recon looking for something, or someone, to spice it up a bit with.

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