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Xmas Domination

By ChastitySub

A few weeks before Christmas, I started to get the feeling that my boyfriend Mike was up to something. There were a number of sizable packages arriving in the mail addressed to him, and he had prohibited me from going down to the basement work room. And by prohibited, I mean he put a padlock on the basement door.

By way of background, Mike and I have been living together for about six months. From the start, he was clearly the dominant sexual partner in the relationship.

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Mike and Rory

By Aussielthrbiker

I walked back to the dorm I lived in after a late lecture that evening.  I had barely sat down when there was a knock at the door.  “Come in” I called.  Mike and Rory entered my room.  Now seeing Mike and Rory was always a treat for me – they were both around 6 foot and athletic build.  Mike had short dark brown hair and dark brown eyes; Rory was blond with blue eyes.  Tonight was extra special as they were both in army cammos. I figured they must have either been to or were about to go to a University Regiment meeting.  I wasn’t out at this time but I certainly noticed great looking guys like Mike and Rory.

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Close Calls With Self-Bondage When I Was a Teenager

By Bind

I have had several close calls with self bondage.  It is a very dangerous activity.  Here are four times when I was a teenager when I nearly killed myself by accident, or caused serious damage to myself.


Story 1:  The Dog Chain


We owned the stupidest dog in the world.  It was completely un-trainable.  It couldn’t even learn “sit.”  Every time anyone went into the back yard the dog jumped all over them and sniffed their crotch.

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By Mortice Deadlock

Chapter 1

I had been planning this experience for several weeks, and if it was half as horny as the planning, it would be an incredible time.

I had been wearing my chastity belt for the last week, constantly horny about what was going to happen, but helpless to do anything about it. The belt was tight around my waist and had a secure shield over my cock, preventing any stimulation. I had occasionally been using the secure butt plug fitting of the belt, going out for the day with the large plug locked in and the keys at home, in training for my experience.

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Redneck Justice – The Punishment Cage

By Chained Muscle

Story by slavelabor, artwork by GaryRo

The thugs untied Jason from the wooden frame and quickly reattached the heavy metal shackles to his wrists and ankles.  The chain attaching his wrists hung across his broad muscular shoulders.  The longed haired thug who Jason now knew as Junior and was obviously Virgil’s son marched him from the shed into a field at the edge of the road running by Virgil’s farm.

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