The Ass Master and CJ

Butt Machine BoysThe twisted Ass Master is at it again. He can’t stay away too long because his appetite for hot young studs is insatiable. The helpless victim is sexy slim CJ with a huge cock and a hungry hole. The Ass Master makes him strip naked and warms his cock and hole with toys. For his freedom, CJ has to get fucked by a series of machines. He starts with the Scorpion in the standing position. He bends over and gets it doggy style with the Predator. The Ass Master has CJ on his back and fills all of his orifices with dildos via the Snake machine. As the Snake pounds on his juicy hole, CJ shoots his load all over the place.

Butt Machine BoysButt Machine Boys

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One Fine Weekend

By surfbot

After spending a glorious week in bondage at my buddy’s place in the city [“One Fine Week“], while driving home I had a better idea than mailing him his chastity keys in a week: I realized I could come back next weekend. So I called him and we agreed on the details. I suggested he get theater tickets for Saturday evening. He complained that while he was in enforced chastity, I could remove my device any time once I got home. So when I got home, I went straight to my workshop.

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Reader submission: egdeboy customizes a metal cock cage with a baseball belt

Check out this modified cock cage that Metalbond reader edgeboy wears:

modified cock cage that Metalbond reader edgeboy wears 01

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modified cock cage that Metalbond reader edgeboy wears 02modified cock cage that Metalbond reader edgeboy wears 03
edgeboy writes,

Dear Metal,

So I own this chastity belt here, which I find quite a bit more comfortable than the CB-6000. The only problem I have with it: The steel belt that goes around the waist. It doesn’t fit very well, and it’s not every easy to hide underneath clothing.

I bought an elastic baseball belt, removed the prong from the buckle, and screwed in the locking part of the chastity belt. The hole was a little small, so I widened it with an awl. I was worried the big buckle would slide around, but that hasn’t proven to be the case.

Granted, it’s just an elastic belt, so it doesn’t offer the same sense of being “locked in” as the steel belt did. But it’s now much more wearable. Besides, the main device is locked in enough. Even without any belt, it’s not coming off. The belt is more to keep it centered, in place, and comfortable … not actual security (at least, not in my case. Perhaps other guys would differ). Despite how it may appear in the final pic with the underwear on, it’s actually quite discrete in public.

Thought you’d enjoy seeing a creative solution, and while I know this is not an overly popular chastity belt, maybe it could be more so with this solution.

modified cock cage that Metalbond reader edgeboy wears 04

Metal would like to thank edgeboy for the contribution! Now drop and give me 30!



Inmate gets hooded

Metalbond padded cell



Oh YEAH!! Great stuff!



how long is he hooded for??? what happened to his legbag??


The Warden

The inmate has been taught to react to the word COMPLY. When this word is used he put him self up at the far end of the cell with his head on the wall. The rubber hood with a face mask on the inside and ONE tube on the outside is then pulled over his head. This means STAFF have total control over him by way of his breathing. It is in this condition that all toilet duties are carried out and any changes in his attire he will be told to COMPLY and the hood pulled on.

FAILURE to COMPLY is NOT an option.



Not that he has much freedom to jerk off while in the straitjacket, but maybe a seedpod or some form of very restrictive chastity device, perhaps the Punisher, would give him something to think about all day long if he tries to get hard or hump the cell. The little spikes in the Punisher could create some constant aggravation for him as he gets hornier during his incarceration? Will the straitjacket ever get removed during his stay?

Very nice work Sir!



some of my questions have been answered….wish the hood was locked in place…would love to see or hear about how they are handling other issues such as exercise and hygiene….but right now my peter meter registers on high! Keep up the good work.



Is he wearing a CITA Psycho straitjacket?


The Warden

With three to four weeks to keep the inmate incarcerated there is plenty of time for locking hoods etc and they do get locked on some of the time just not always when the camera is at hand. Exercise well it takes a lot of energy to walk back an forth when you have your ankles shackled and hygiene is taken car of once every three days in the bathroom for teeth shave shower etc.


The Warden

Yes it’s a Max cita strait jacket and matching leg sack the canvas hood was made by fetters in the UK its extra large so that other hoods can be worn under it and has a locking collar that is variable in size.



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