By Mortice Deadlock

I’m an average guy. I’m not very fit or particularly attractive.  So why was he interested in me?

He was great – mid-twenties, quite a fit body, pretty face, one of the cuter guys in the bar. So why did he take a second look at me?

Simple, he must be rent. He was chatting to me without mentioning any money, and I liked chatting to him, so I’d let him and see where it was going.

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Xmas Domination

By ChastitySub

A few weeks before Christmas, I started to get the feeling that my boyfriend Mike was up to something. There were a number of sizable packages arriving in the mail addressed to him, and he had prohibited me from going down to the basement work room. And by prohibited, I mean he put a padlock on the basement door.

By way of background, Mike and I have been living together for about six months. From the start, he was clearly the dominant sexual partner in the relationship.

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House of Horror

Slowly Tomislav realizes that the intruder is very horny and that he might be in deeper trouble than he expected Gay War Games

Tied to the table, Tomislav gets gagged with old bread. The soldier slaps him and unzips his pants. Then the reluctant guy gets a blowjob and kissed to complete this act of humiliation.

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Slowly Tomislav realizes that the intruder is very horny and that he might be in deeper trouble than he expected. He tries to protest but Dimitri gags him.

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Gay War Games


Chuck wants to use his flex cuffs on you

Check out these pictures from longtime Metalbond contributor Chuck:

Chuck flex cuffsChuck Flex cuffsFlex cuffs Halloween

Chuck says,

Halloween is coming up. I wanted to share my SWAT costume — everything is real except for the weapons, of course. The helmet-mounted LED light blinds my prisoners as I near them — a nice touch.

The riot cuffs are homemade from two wide white pull ties and a wide black one to hold them together — and trust me, they work quite well. Some are more open for legs, and some are smaller for wrists. I had a guy over once and used them to secure his hands behind his back while we showered together — now that was hot!




Thanks, Chuck! I hope you nab lots of prisoners on Halloween!



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