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Half Masked

By Boots Rule

I walked into the club and wandered over to my usual spot at the bar. Told my favorite bartender Tony I wanted a beer and he acted like he didn’t know who I was.   He poured from the tap and brought the glass and sat it before me on the wooden counter. That was when he finally got a startled look in his eyes and said “That you Rob?” I nodded my head while taking a sip. “Geez, I didn’t recognize you with that half hood on. You going to some costume party?” Funny question from a bartender in a leather bar. Beside the half hood, I was in my usual full leather police uniform with the cod piece on the breeches, my tall Dehner boots, Langlitz jacket and Muir cap. The half hood was the only change of my normal Friday night wear. “Trying something new, that’s all” was my reply. “Changes your whole look……kind of a mystery man. I’m sure you’re going to surprise a lot of people here tonight.” It was a busy Friday night so there were many who would see me wearing it.

Mystery man. Boy did that strike a bell with me. I’ve been coming to this bar for years, and lately have been feeling stiffled. Typecast if you will. I’ve been known around here as a Boot Top for so long that there are times I feel like a tourist attraction. Men approach me all the time with the same fucking question “Sir, May I Lick Your Boots Sir?” Good luck getting any sort of conversation out of them. And good luck chatting up the other Tops who frequent this place. They aren’t unfriendly but I am seen as the competition time and time again.

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Mounted Cops – Part 1

The Mounted Police Stories

Three Stories Of Different Mounted Cops, Booted, In Bondage & Fucked

1 – Kevin’s Story

By Alex Ironrod

Copyright 2021; All Rights Reserved

He was exactly what I was looking for – a broad-shouldered 6 ft hunk, with dark hungry eyes. I was finishing seminars in Boston for mounted police units, and we were touring the Boston PD stables. Naturally we were dressed in our best working uniforms. As Master Sergeant of Hunterville PD Mounted Troop, I was wearing our light tan tailored uniform shirt, tight tan riding breeches, my tall black custom Dehners, which hugged my legs, and my spurs.

I knew I looked good, filling out my uniform in all the right places. He was obviously a stableman, a junior in the ranks and older than most, but his overall was clean and creased, and his boots had been polished that morning. His smoldering eyes followed me, watching how the light slid across my shining boots and flashed on the tips of the spurs.

I smiled and walked over to him.

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The Crawl of Shame

In this video from Bound In Public, Kieron Ryan is the object of use and humiliation in a crowded bar.

The title of this video is The Crawl of Shame


It’s Friday night and the men at a local bar are rowdy and horny. Kieron Ryan gets used and objectified. Mike Martin makes him suck strange dick while blindfolded then suspends him by his ankles while a random patron fucks his ass with a dildo. Cocks are shoved into his mouth in all directions. Bound to a rack, they zap Kieron’s entire body and pour hot wax all over his muscles and cock. The whore is humiliated through a line of men tossing drinks on him while he crawls to the center of the bar to be gang fucked and covered in cum in front of the screaming audience.

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Captured by The Cavalry — Part 04

By Rubrpig

I woke up stiff and sore from another long hard session with my officers. I was getting used to the hard use and abuse that was their way of enjoying themselves. I swung my legs out of my bed and sat up. My roommate and fellow soldier servant was awake and lying quietly in bed. He had not been used the evening so he had the evening to himself.

I got up and stretched and headed for the showers as I was covered in piss and cum from my officers. I grabbed a towel and walked out of our room and headed for the showers. The other troopers housed on the same floor called to me and asked how things were going. They were not collared like Iain and I were but they were aware of what we were. They no longer showed surprise when we walked by, our heavy collars and chastity devices on display as we walked by then. By now I had met the remaining soldier servants in the barracks.

There were 8 others but they were housed on different floors of the barracks so we only saw each other at special functions where we were supporting our officers, the mess hall or the gym. We all had hard physical training regimes to follow as our officers insisted that we maintain our high level of fitness. As we were the property of the regiment, we had to maintain the regiment’s property to the standards expected by the regiment. As a result, the 10 soldier servants were the fittest of all of the troopers.

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