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Update on the Metalbond Prison Library

Hey fellow prisoners,

Just an update that there are LOTS more gay bondage stories coming to the Metalbond site. There will be new chapters of some long-running stories — and some brand new ones by long-admired authors, plus some new authors as well. So keep checking back often.



There are a couple important things about the Prison Library to keep in mind, though:

First, for those of you who are into the new “VRansomwear” story by POW, I want to warn you that an upcoming chapter of this series is about to get VERY heavy — in fact, it might be too intense for some readers. This particular upcoming chapter will come with a “read at your own risk” warning, but I wanted to also warn you guys well in advance about this one.

Secondly, I have mentioned this before and I will say it again. For best results, it is recommended that you be locked in some form of restraint, or have someone else locked up, while you are reading stories in the prison library. Handcuffs, leg cuffs, darbies, cages, collars, or chastity devices of any kind — even a simple cup jock — are all acceptable forms of restraint. (The prisoner shown above is properly attired.) This important policy is in effect for everyone’s safety and enjoyment.


Stories to beat off to



Here are some of the many stories in the Metalbond Prison Library:

Keagan Goes Shopping: An Excerpt

An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse

Another Bondage Fantasy World Client

Another Bondage Fantasy World Client — Part 2

30-Day Test Subject – The Story Continues

Danny in the Dorm


For those of you who send stories, thank you very much! But please remember to put your author name on the top of the word document. When you send me stories, I save them to my hard drive and beat off to them. But then I go take a shower and start my workday, and by the time I go to post the story on Metalbond, I have forgotten who sent it to me. So, if you sent me a story that I did not post yet, that is probably why.


Gay bondage stories in the Metalbond Prison Library


Here are some of the many gay bondage stories in the Prison Library:

Tricked and Tickled

Master Piece

A Non-Consensual Encounter

The Weekend Box

Session with the Baltimore Master

Past the Point of No Return

Keep checking back frequently for new bondage fiction.


As always, you can pitch in for the upkeep of this website by clicking on the “Contribute to Metalbond” button in the sidebar to the right.





After the Olympics: Story week in the Metalbond Prison Library

Hey fellow prisoners, if you are like me you have been enjoying the Olympics. It’s been great to watch the men’s swimming and diving, and the men’s gymnastics. Did you catch Danell Leyva’s strip tease on the parallel bars? If not, google it! But closing ceremonies is on Sunday — and that means we will all need something else to do! So, back by popular demand, we will have STORY WEEK here on the Metalbond site.



That’s right, every night next week starting on Monday, there will be a new piece of bondage fiction in the Prison Library. A number of authors have sent in brand new stories, or new chapters of ongoing stories — so get ready to pound your cock to some written-word bondage smut. Provided you are not locked in chastity, of course.

Need to catch up on your reading now? An alphabetical list of stories is here, and a list of authors is here.

‘Truckbound,’ ‘Hot Young Muscle Stud’ and ‘Leather Bar Encounter’ are among the many gay bondage stories in the Metalbond Prison Library



Click the links below to read these gay bondage stories in the Metalbond Prison Library:


Hot Young Muscle Stud

Leather Bar Encounter


And check out these old favorites:


Closet Trick in a Suit

Half Masked

The Cuffed Squaddie



Plus … check back frequently for even more gay bondage fiction.  

Picture and letter from a Prison Library reader

fnor from Recon sent me this picture and a short note.



Hi Metal,

Stories I have wanked to and ejaculated without permission:

  • Edge Device
  • Cop and Dom
  • The Motivator
  • Chastity Game
  • Tied Up and Edged in a Hotel
  • The Yogis
  • Crime and Pubishment

This is just the start of the list.


Thanks, fnor, for the picture and list! Good to see you are in chastity as you explore further.

Always remember, guys, that it is highly recommended that you be locked in something, like handcuffs or leg irons or a chastity cage, like fnor is demonstrating, while reading stories in the Prison Library — or have someone else locked in. Further information on this guideline can be found here.

I am curios to know from other Prison Library readers: Which stories are your favorites, and why? Full alphabetical list of stories here.