The Execution

By Batard4skin

The squad was progressing under cover, along the hill. We were to walk round the enemy camp, and take them from behind.  The Lieutenant gave us this mission, not to overtake them, but to create a second attack, at the same time our forces would invade them from the other side. They call that strategy.  It was a realistic training, against the paras, but we did not fear them!

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Cock caged on a plane

In my view it would be a shame to let any of these men out of their chastity devices just because they had to fly (more on that in a moment).

Metalbond chastity 01Metalbond chastity 02Metalbond chastity 03Metalbond chastity 04

Metalbond chastity 05Metalbond chastity 06Metalbond chastity 07

Metalbond chastity 07a

Lately I have been thinking about what it would be like to keep several different guys locked in long-term chastity. That means weeks or months, instead of hours or days. And that means NOT letting a guy out just because he as to go through airport security. At my request, my online chat buddy Skinric, who has lots of experience in long-term chastity device wearing, has written about his experiences at the airport for Metalbond.

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Chastity Devices and Airline Travel

And I am wondering if any other chastity device wearers have risked the embarrassment of wearing a cock cage through the TSA screening. If you have similar tales to tell, let’s hear from you guys!

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