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Leather Affection: An excerpt

By ty dehner

Saturday arrives, it is late afternoon as Sean is sitting on the sofa watching television in his apartment. He is waiting for the phone call from Lance as to where they are going to meet. Wearing his well-worn Levi’s 501 button fly in blue; he has on a plain black t-shirt under his leather jacket that he wore during their first meeting in the park, with a pair of black ranger style leather boots on his feet. His attention is not with the program on the television screen, his thoughts go to the man he met dressed in leather.

What could he want Sean to do this evening? There was something different about what has happened so far. Sure, Sean had played in the past, light bondage, some spanking and wrestling with a guy or two. Over the past few years, he’d meet a guy, get tied up and even fucked and sucked a guy off, but nothing ever seems to stick. It was more of a one-time event for them to each get their rocks off and then move on to the next scene with the next guy.

With Lance, Sean had a different feeling in his gut. That they are meeting again tonight means things are lasting longer than they normally do. Their conversation in the park was hours long and felt that Lance was seeking something long term. That is how Sean has been feeling as he has been getting older. There is time to be a kid and fuck around, then time to become an adult, getting serious about one’s life, to connect with someone and form a bond that will last.

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Video: Hal Fischer talks about signaling with keys and hanky code

Check out this video in which artist Hal Fischer discusses “gay signifiers” — namely keys, earrings and the hanky code — worn by gay men in 1970s San Francisco:


Hal Fischer’s work, Gay Semiotics, is a photographic study of visual coding among homosexual men.

You can see many of his photographs on the SFMOMA site.

Also visit gaysemiotics.com

Thanks to my buddy Grey for passing along this link!

This is a really good book

I recently finished “My Leather Life: Early Years” by Peter Fiske, narrated by Thomas V. Peterson, and I can’t recommend this book enough!

It’s available for purchase on Amazon.

Peter Fiske book review


Peter is one of our most passionate and loving of leather elders, who is well known in gay s/m circles as an expert in flogging and whipping. For anyone interested in learning more about this topic — as well as anyone who wants to understand more in general about who we are as kinky folk and where we came from — this book is highly recommended!

Peter shares personal stories of growing up in New York City and discovering a sexual interest in bondage and spanking at a young age. He also tells of serving in the military in the segregated South and finding leather sex at a dirty movie theater in Times Square. All of this takes place pre-Stonewall! Speaking of Stonewall, Peter was also a patron of this famous bar and tells of being present at three different raids before the famous rioting took place in late June 1969.

Peter was also active in the leather scene in San Francisco, meeting many of the “old guard” leather men of the day and joining a back patch club and attending leather runs. Peter later became active in brotherhood organizations, including The 15 Association, the Chicago Hellfire Club and Delta.

“‘My Leather Life’ reads like porn, but it is my life,” Peter shared in a recent posting on Facebook.

“All of our stories matter. Mine is no different than any of my readers,” Peter continued. “I have been lucky to live at the center and to find love. If you take one thing from my book, it is that it’s in your power to live authentically and to find your love and your friends. Drag queens told me that in the 60s. Be real. You can be real too. All it takes is courage and a glad heart.”

The group picture shown in this blog posting is in the book and is also from Peter’s Facebook page. The caption states that it is from the Folsom Fair in San Francisco in September 1991 and shows, from left, Shadow Morton, Coulter “Colt’ Thomas (who was the fifth International Mr. Leather and Peter’s lover), Sky Renfro, Peter himself, and John.

Colt Thomas IML


I absolutely loved reading this book. I’m inspired not only by Peter’s passion for leading an authentic life but also of his stories of standing up for those being discriminated against, including men of color, drag queens and those who are transgender.

But for me the most moving passages were those in which the author describes the way he plays. When Peter flogs or whips a bottom in a leather scene, he does it as an act of love.

We should all be more like Peter.

Pictures: Cole Tucker in ‘Fallen Angel III Initiation’

Check out these images from Fallen Angel III Initiation, featuring Cole Tucker (of blessed memory). This hard-edged leather-sex video is in the style of a mainstream feature: real locations and real men living out their leather fantasies — all tied together by the watchful Fallen Angel. As the feature opens, Tucker recalls his fall after studying truck mate Keith Webb’s dreams. A desolate moonlit road is where the fallen Tucker remembers surrendering his wings. Trucks and truckers had been his downfall, and he has been exploring that gritty world of man-sex ever since. Tucker takes Webb on as his initiate during the course of their truck route.

hard-edged leather-sex video

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Cle Tucker gay bdsm

‘Folsom Party’ by Robert Payne is now available as an audiobook

Book 2 of the Robert Payne collection — ‘Folsom Party & Other Stories’ — is now available as an audiobook.

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Robert Payne was the creator of Drummer magazine

Robert Payne was the creator of Drummer magazine, a publication that brought gay leather culture to a new level of prominence in the 1970s. The Robert Payne collection is bringing many of his erotic BDSM stories back in audiobook form. ‘Folsom Party & Other Stories’ is the second book in the series, and it includes the following stories:

  • The Ultimate Sport — A group of hunters are tracking down escaped convicts, and the stakes are winner take all.
  • Folsom Party — At an exclusive leather party, a dominant alpha gets more than he bargained for.
  • The Program — A new fish joins a special rehabilitation program in prison and finds his place in the testosterone-drenched pecking order.
  • Birthday Boy — A dominant receives a new slave for his birthday. It’s the perfect way to blow out the candles and make a wish.

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For ‘The Exchange’ as an eBook, click here.

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